Welcome to the Curricular Resources Ordering Home Page!


Textbook ordering occurs on an annual basis through the flexibility (link) process.  Schools have the option to either opt in or out of district supported curricular resources that can be used through the regular adoption cycle.


For material needs that are outside of the flexibility process that are due to materials being lost, damaged, schools will need to purchase materials out of their own school based budget.


For material needs that are the result of increased enrollment and require an additional classroom, please reach out to brandy_goldstein@dpsk12.org.  When you reach out to Brandy, please answer the following questions:


  1. What curricular resources are you needing?
  2. What grade level do these curricular resources service?
  3. How many students and teachers in the above grade level were at your school in the previous year?
  4. How many students and teacher in the above grade level will be at your school in the upcoming year?
  5. Are these materials in support of a “bubble” classroom?


If you have any questions, please reach out to brandy_goldstein@dpsk12.org.