Use this page to learn about the process to refurbish science lab materials.

The District funds the cost of refurbishing science lab materials.

  • Hands‐On Materials are supplied in Science Totes and are refurbished three times each school year, Fall, Winter, and Spring.  Science kit distribution is designed so each school in a given route studies the same strand of science at the same time. Science kits are used three times each year, maximizing kit utilization and investment. Please click on the attachment below to view current elementary science routes and rotations.
  • Tracks Rotation Chart ’16 – ’17

  • You will be sent a notice after Spring Break instructing you on how and by when to refurbish your science kits. Make sure your name appears on the order form. Your order will arrive at school after the ‘report back day’ so that the materials can be secured.
  • Click on DPS Secondary Science Kit Refurbishment Order Forms to access the forms you need.  You can also navigate to the forms in SchoolNet by entering Science and your grade, then search for Science Kit Refurbishment Forms.
  • If you are a biology teacher and need to order a living organism, contact the Secondary Science Coordinator for to begin the process to have the organism shipped directly to your school.